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An avid self-taught food photographer, I prefer to skip the tripod or overly staged scenes, and shoot from the hip. I work towards an end result that looks natural and not overly posed, letting the ingredients, food or drink speak for themselves.

My work has been featured in Foodism, Grazia, The Stylist, The Evening Standard, Oh Comely, Hello Giggles and Vice’s Munchies, as well as a number of vegan magazines.

Working on Guac & Roll since 2012 was my route into food photography - it started as shots on my iPhone to demonstrate the food I was discovering was still possible to eat as a vegan. That’s evolved into documenting food travels, my own work as a vegan caterer and eventually working for other clients and on my own recipes, which are also styled by me.

In 2017 and 2018 I worked on two recipe books for The Fry Family Food Co., a vegan food brand. This involved organising multiple recipe shoots, prop styling and even borrowing a friend’s garden for a BBQ scene. I’ve also produced an entire Christmas food supplement for vegan magazine PlantBased (known as Cook Vegan at the time), including 20 recipes developed, cooked, styled and shot by me. I love it! The time slips away when I’m behind a camera.

I currently work freelance for Club Mexicana and EartH Kitchen as one of their food photographers, and am available for commission. Although I am vegan, I am happy to discuss shooting all kinds of food and drinks.

And when it’s not my skills that are best suited… I’ve spent two years managing the photography bookings for Village Underground and EartH, so have a reliable network of photographers across the music, arts and food industry, and can book, recommend, brief and manage complicated events calendars for mulitple photographers, venues and specific PR targets.

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